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ASTM C10100 Copper Bar Rod


ASTM C10100 Pure Copper Bar Rod with Wide Range of Sizes for Sales

Thickness (inches)Width (inches)Length (inches)Composition (%)AdvantagesApplications
1/41/21299.9 CuExcellent electrical conductivity
Good thermal conductivity
High corrosion resistance
Electrical connections
Heat exchangers
Plumbing fittings
3/83/41899.9 CuGreat formability
Good machinability
High ductility
Bus bars
Transformer terminals
Switchgear components
1/212499.9 CuLow chemical reactivity
High melting point
Long service life
Heat sinks
Electrical connectors
3/41-1/23699.9 CuExcellent solderability
Good resistance to thermal stress
High durability
Circuit breaker components
PCB traces
Motor windings
124899.9 CuResistance to atmospheric corrosion
Easy to join using brazing or welding
Marine hardware
Roofing materials
Artistic sculptures


  1. Excellent electrical conductivity: C10100 Copper Bar allows for efficient transfer of electricity, making it suitable for electrical applications.

  2. Good thermal conductivity: The copper bar can effectively conduct heat, making it ideal for heat exchange and cooling applications.

  3. High corrosion resistance: C10100 Copper Bar is resistant to corrosion, ensuring its durability and longevity in various environments.

  4. Great formability: The bar can be easily shaped and bent without cracking or breaking, allowing for customized designs and easy installation.

  5. Good machinability: The bar can be machined to precise specifications, enabling the production of intricate components.


  • Electrical connections: C10100 Copper Bar is frequently used in electrical wiring, connectors, and bus bars due to its excellent conductivity.

  • Heat exchangers: The high thermal conductivity of the bar makes it suitable for heat exchangers in various industries, including HVAC and refrigeration.

  • Plumbing fittings: Copper bars are commonly used in plumbing systems and fittings due to their corrosion resistance and ease of manipulation.

  • Transformer terminals: The high electrical conductivity and formability of the bar make it ideal for transformer terminals and connections.

  • Switchgear components: Copper bars are used in switchgear applications due to their electrical performance and durability.

  • Circuit breaker components: C10100 Copper Bar is utilized for circuit breaker contacts and terminals due to its excellent solderability and resistance to thermal stress.

  • PCB traces: The bar is also used for printed circuit board traces, ensuring reliable and efficient electrical connections.

  • Motor windings: Copper bars are used in motor windings for their high electrical conductivity and heat dissipation capabilities.

  • Marine hardware: Due to its resistance to corrosion, C10100 Copper Bar is commonly used in marine applications such as fittings and fasteners.

  • Roofing materials: Copper bars are used for roofing materials due to their longevity, resistance to weathering, and aesthetic appeal.

  • Artistic sculptures: The malleability and aesthetic appeal of copper make it a popular choice for artistic sculptures and decorative elements.


C10100 Copper Bar is composed of 99.9% pure copper, making it almost entirely copper with a minimal amount of impurities.

Aluminum Bar Parameters

Product Name
Copper bar
5.8m,6m,or as required

Standard export seaworthy package or as required.

Export Wooden Pallets, Plastic Film,(Ship By Sea)

Price term


L/C , D/A , D/P , T/T , West Union , Money Gram , Other


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