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Welding and fabrication

Welding and fabrication are extremely common processes in mechanical engineering. They make it possible to fabricate metal structures in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for many different applications, and because they are often grouped together as offered services, they are often considered interchangeable verbs. However, while the two are closely related, they are definitely not the same.

Welding is a metal shaping technique that uses fusion to join two pieces of metal with similar melting points. Although there are several different methods, including gaseous metal arc, oxyacetylene, MIG, and TIG, welding generally involves arc, in which an electric arc is created between an electrode on the rod of welding and working material. The current produces tremendous heat which then melts the base material. TIG welding is the most widely used method in manufacturing workshops.

Manufacturing is an evolutionary process, creating a metal product using blueprint readings, design, cutting, and preparation of materials for assembly. It is a complete process that uses many techniques, of which welding is the most important. Raw materials, such as aluminum and steel, are used during the manufacturing processes. They are usually supplied raw by the manufacturer, before being cut, bent and shaped to the sizes required for welding.

Other processes often used in manufacturing include cutting, hydroforming, rolling, extruding, shrinking, stretching, stamping and finishing.

Large fabrication shops add value to their customers as they avoid having to find many different suppliers for different services. They can handle the whole process starting with detailed drawings, going through the manufacturing process and ending with installation. Typical projects include structural frames for buildings, spare parts, stairs and handrails for buildings and heavy equipment.

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