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3105 Aluminum Alloy Coil for Roofing/Cladding/Facades


3105 aluminum coil is a type of aluminum alloy that is composed of aluminum, manganese and copper elements. The specific composition may vary slightly, typically 3105 aluminum alloy coil contains around 0.6% manganese, 0.3% copper, and 98.9% aluminum.

3105 aluminum coil performance:

1. Corrosion Resistance: 3105 aluminum coil is suitable for use in harsh environments, can withstand exposure to saltwater, chemicals, and atmospheric conditions without significant degradation.

2. Formability: 3105 alloy is highly formable, allowing it to be easily shaped into different sizes and forms, 3105 can undergo various fabrication processes such as cutting, bending, and stamping.

3. Weldability: 3105 aluminum coil can be easily welded using various methods, such as MIG and TIG welding.

4. Good Strength: While not as strong as some other aluminum alloys, 3105 still offers a good balance of strength and formability. It can withstand moderate loads and has sufficient strength for most applications.

3105 aluminum coil uses:

1. Construction industry: for roofing, cladding, and facades, also suitable for outdoor applications where it is exposed to different weather conditions.

2. Packaging: 3105 aluminum coil is commonly used in the manufacturing of packaging materials, including cans, lids, and closures. 3105 provides a lightweight, easily formable, and corrosion-resistant option for packaging applications.

3. Heat Exchangers: suitable for heat exchangers and radiators used in various industries, including HVAC, automotive, and refrigeration.

4. Electrical Conductors: 3105 alloy is also employed in the electrical industry for manufacturing conductors and wiring materials. 

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Grades 1100,3003,3105,5052,5083,5086,6061,6063, 7075, etc. Aluminum Coil


0.2-8.0mm or as your requirements

Width 20-2300mm or as your requirements


O, H12, H22, H32, H14, H24, H34, H16, H26, H36, H18, H28, H38, H19, H25, H27,H111, H112,H241, H332, Etc.

Surface Treatment

Brushed, Mill Finished, Anodized, Embossed, PVC Coated

Processing Service Bending, Decoiling, Welding, Cutting
Application Elevator, Kitchen Fittings, Kitchenware, Decoration, Decorative Trim Coil, Roof Coil, etc.

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